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Eddiston Pallet Services Limited

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About us

About Us

Eddiston Pallet Services Limited

Eddiston Pallets are specialist suppliers of a range of new and second-hand, bespoke wooden and plastic pallets to customers throughout Stevenage, Cambridge and the surrounding areas. Currently employing an expert team from our base in Royston, North Hertfordshire, we supply our pallets to a huge number of commercial customers across the region, and we collect our customers’ unwanted pallets to be recycled. We accept both cash and electronic payment, making our service extremely convenient for all our customers.

We deliver our pallets in bulk to larger commercial or industrial projects in this area, and all of our customers can expect not only the delivery of quality pallets on a 24-hour basis, but a good working knowledge of the pallet industry.

We are mindful of the environment, and are keen to uphold good recycling practice, which is why we also collect unwanted pallets to be recycled and reused. Our collection services can also be arranged over a 24-hour period to fit around our customers’ schedules, and on top of this we are able to offer the best prices for your unwanted pallets, no matter their state or condition.

To order pallets to your premises today or to have pallets collected from you, get in touch with the friendly team here at Eddiston Ltd.

Do you have excess pallets?

If you have pallets you no longer require, we can collect and recycle them. Collection services can be arranged over a 24 hour period to better suit your availability.

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